What to Ask Your Painter for After Drywall Finishing

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Once the drywall finishing is done, you are left with bare drywall. What do you put over it? Wallpaper? Paint? Textures?/p>

Drywall is a wonderful canvas for a painter. Most house painters are artists at heart and would love to paint something special on your walls. However, most homeowners only want a simple color applied.

There are some beautiful, simple textures and faux techniques that you can ask your painter for. You don’t have to leave the walls bland and boring.

Just about anything can be done on drywall because of the smooth surface. But be warned, the drywall must be properly prepared before applying paint or texture.

The Sheboygan painting contractors at Final touch Interiors are drywall finishing experts. Here are some special paint finishes for you to consider.

Drywall Finishing Must Be Done First

Before you can do anything to the drywall, it has to be finished first. Any holes, rips, tears, dents, or peeling drywall tape has to be repaired first. A primer should always be used so the paint sticks well.

Drywall Texture Finishes

There are different types of textures that can be applied for a special finish. Some are rougher and some smoother.

  • Smooth texture– Is lighter and more subtle. Grains are small.
  • Sand textureA heavy-bodied finish in a gritty texture.
  • Knockdown texture– This is a heavier, tougher mottled finishing texture. The texture is applied and starts to form points, or stalactites, as it dries. They are troweled over to leave the mottled finish.
  • Orange peel texture– This finish texture looks like the surface of an orange peel. It’s very popular.

Finishing With Faux Painting

There are texture paints that can be used for faux finishes. However, they are more often created by the painter with various tools. Faux painting is done as a paint finish that goes over the drywall.

  • Wood Graining
  • Stenciling
  • Combing
  • Rag Rolling
  • Smooshing
  • Sponging
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Stippling
  • Glazing Marbling or Marbleizing
  • Venetian Plaster Faux Finish

Drywall Finishing With Specialty Paints

There are paints with the decorative elements built in. As mentioned, you can get texture paints with texture incorporated into the paint. But there are more.

Metal flake paint -This finish is shimmery. You have plenty of great color options to choose from. Want a soft, subtle cream or honey color for an accent wall in the bathroom? Go with metal flake paint.

  • Fleck chips paint -This drywall finish looks can look like crushed granite.
  • Brushed pearl paint-This is a beautiful pearl finish with subtle, muted pearl effect.