Why We Can Help.

What is the Right Type?

Drywall Finishing Wallpapers are an excellent solution for customizing and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even the office space. However, over time the wall décor might become old and worn out, or you might get tired of the old look and desire a new one. At such times, you can choose to remove the wallpaper by yourself or enlist the services of professional wallpaper removal contractors. Naturally, a majority of homeowners prefer the DIY route hoping to save a buck or two. Unfortunately, most of them soon learn the hard way that removing the wall covering is not as easy as they anticipated.

For instance, instead of the paper peeling off as a large sheet, it might come off in tiny pieces, making the exercise tedious, time-consuming and messy. In unfortunate circumstances, the activity can result in structural damage to the wall. For this reason, knowing homeowners opt for professional wallpaper removal services. If you are a homeowner seeking to replace or remove your wallpaper, get in touch with us today and enjoy a myriad of benefits.

Why Enlist Our Services?

Experienced set of hands

A primary challenge with wallpaper removal is that it’s hard to predict how the process will go. At times it can be smooth, where the paper strips effortlessly, or it could stubbornly cling onto the wall. Our technicians have sufficient experience for the efficient handling of any wallpaper removal related issues.

We are conversant with different types of wallpapers

Wallpapers not only differ in shape, design, color and size but also type and material. For instance, the outer decorative surfaces of wallpapers can be comprised of foil, attractive acrylic or a vinyl layer finish. These surface layers can cause the wall canvas to be impermeable and challenging for the wallpaper solvent to absorb through it. Additionally, each of these types of wallpapers require precise handling to guarantee a perfect wallpaper removal exercise. Thanks to our extensive wallpaper knowledge, we know what tool and technique to use on each type of wallpaper.

We have the appropriate tools for the job

The ease or difficulty of removing the wallpaper at times depends on how the person who installed the wallpaper in the first place primed the wall. If the quality of the priming job was shoddy, it is highly likely that the exercise will be daunting. In such a case the most efficient solution for removing the wall covering is to use unique wallpaper removal tools and equipment such as steamers, scoring tools, as well as special liquid and gel removers.

We do not damage your wall

If you do not handle the wallpaper removal correctly, you might soon end up with an ugly damaged wall. After all, the process often involves scrapping and use of moisture based solvents, which can affect a drywall. Our technicians are professionals in what we do. Consequently, we will carefully scrape the wall and apply solutions to remove the wallpaper without gouging or harming your property.

Your property remains sparkling clean after we work

One of the downsides of carrying out a wallpaper removal exercise is the resulting mess. What causes the untidiness is the saturating, scoring, scraping and peeling off of the wallpaper. As if removing the wallpaper wasn’t challenging enough, you still must clean up the mess. But not to worry, we take every action to ensure your valuables do not get damaged during the exercise. For instance, we spread drop-cloth linings on the floor along the walls to collect the sodden wallpaper scraps. Moreover, after successfully removing the wallpaper from your walls, we will gather every shred of waste and dispose of it in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Our services are Cost efficient

By engaging us, you end up making significant savings. For starters, you will get aesthetically appealing walls without breaking the bank. Secondly, you do not have to spend large sums of money buying wallpaper removal tools and equipment. Furthermore, you do not waste precious time struggling or guessing how to remove the wallpaper, and lastly, there is no possibility of your walls or valuables getting damaged. Although the cost of wallpaper removal services varies depending on factors such as the size of the rooms, our rates are competitive and affordable. Get in touch with us today and receive your free Wallpaper removal quote.